Same great product as our original face Zinc but designed in some NEW fun packaging aimed at the Groms!


With a splash of colours and fun design we hope to encourage kids to ZINC UP by

having there own pot of goodness.


Sol is made up of natural and organic ingredients designed to protect in the most harsh conditions with NO chemicals. Safe for you and the environment.


I am a Physical Blocker meaning I am visible on the skin... if you can see me...than you are being protected! Great for long sessions in the water to climbing mountains. Sol will keep you and the family covered for hours.


In 2019 Consumer NZ did a 10 subject test on our zinc. We are one in eight out of twenty to pass our SPF claims and broad spectrum testing. SPF 30+


To maximise my life & for ease of application keep me in a warm place for winter & a cool place for summer.


Now get outdoors & enjoy your Sol Adventure!

Kids Face Zinc 30+

    • 100% Natural & Organic Ingredients
    • Physical UVA & UVB Blocker
    • Kid Safe (won't sting little eyes!!)
    • Reef Safe
    • Face use only