With your support in choosing us, collectively we have proudly diverted over 1200kg of chemical UV filters from our Oceans. We have also diverted over 15,000 plastic tubes from ending up in landfill or our Oceans.

Introducing our New Recycled Throws

Created from Certified 100% Pre Consumer Waste Cotton - meaning all those offcuts that usually go to waste are spun back into yarn and then woven together to create our beautiful large throws.

Our Multi use rugs are stylish, sustainable and exclusively designed here at Sol Goods.

Shop Sustainable and ethically sourced Plastic free and chemical free sunscreen.

The Recycling problem with convenient plastic

Recycling alone can not solve our plastic pollution problem. Kiwis generate approximately 252 tonnes of plastic waste that heads to our landfill every year. Much of our plastic waste that is recycled is shipped off to lower Economic Countries where most is too contaminated for them to process. As a result adding pollution to waterways, landfills and our oceans, not to mention at the detriment of other communities health.

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We give back to the planet. 1 percent for the planet organisation, with all our natural mineral sunscreen products

We give back to our Planet with every purchase.

1% for the Planet. 100% for the people.

We are proud to be apart of the global network of businesses, individuals and environmental organizations tackling our planet's most pressing environmental issues.

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