Environmentally Friendly All Natural Sunscreen.

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Can I use your products with Ezcema?

Many Customers sensitive to Eczema can safely use our sunscreen and zinc products. My 4 year old daughter currently suffers from Eczema and I have had no issues with using our sunscreen on her. Of course when it comes to any any skin sensitivity issues we recommend a small patch test prior to use all over the face and body.

How can I remove zinc or sunscreen stain off clothing?

Rinse your clothes in cold water, rub dishwashing liquid onto the stain followed by another cold water rinse. If you get to the stain quick enough it should lift without too much hassle. Our products are oil based therefore laundry detergent doesn't work well however dishwashing liquid is designed to remove oil from our plates! We recommend you put your wetsuit or togs on first before applying zinc to the face.

Can I wear your sunscreen under my make-up?

yes! you should be wearing sunscreen every day! However, keep in mind due to the nature of our mineral sunscreen being more natural it is a little more on the thicker side, which is great for protection outdoors while hitting the beach or doing the gardening however to put on under make up to go to the office for the day can feel a little heavier to the skin.

Please beware if your are using a Mineral Zinc based Sunscreen with a foundation or lotion that may contain Chemical Sunscreens UV filters. New research shows that mixing both Chemical and Mineral Sunscreens together could reduce your UV protection. https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s43630-021-00101-2

Will your sunscreen leave me white?

Initially your Sunscreen will have a slight white cast as you are putting it on, this is very temporariy and as you rub it in or after sitting for a short amount of time on the skin the sunscreen will disappear to clear. We also have a slight tint in our sunscreen to help with the whitening disappear, but don't worry it won't tan your skin.

What is the difference between your sunscreen and zinc?

Our Sunscreen is designed for everyday use for face & body, it will rub in clear and be invisible on the skin. Our Zinc in the tin is designed for FACE use only and is a visible layer on the skin, meaning if you can see it you know you are being protected, you want a thick layer of zinc to be fully visible on the skin, this is great for the nose and lips when your planning to spend a long day in the sun or a day amongst the harsh elements like the wind. Perfect for surfing, boating, fishing and any water activities.

Where can I find the expiry date for my sunscreen or zinc?

The expiry date is located on the bottom of your sunscreen/ rehydrate jar or if you have a zinc on the back of your Zinc tin.

Are your products Vegan?

Both our sunscreen and zinc contain Beeswax, therefore they are not considered Vegan. Our Re-Hydrate Gel is Vegan.

Are your products tested on Animals?

Absolutely NOT! none of our products have been tested on Animals. This goes against Sol's Ethos.

Is your sunscreen tested to compy with AS/NZS standards?

Both the SPF factor and Water Resistance has been tested according to the AS/NZS 2604:2021 standard, which requires testing on a minimum of 10 human subjects in accordance with the international ISO 24444:2010 standard.

Our Zinc 30+ was tested by consumer NZ back in 2019 and was 1 of 8 out of 20 to pass our SPF claims.

Our Sunscreen latest testing was completed May 2022.

Can I use your sunscreen on babies?

Yes! Our products are safely recommended from 6 months and up.

My brand new Zinc has crystal type bubbles on the top of it, is this okay?

Yes! due to the natural nature of using Shea Butter and Zinc oxide in our Zinc Protection these properties can sometimes form together and create small crystalisations on the top of your zinc. We can assure you it does not affect the SPF rating or quality of our zinc, it is only an aesthetic feature to the product and once you dig in and start using the zinc the bumps dissapear. The quality of the Zinc is not altered in any way.