Natural Sun Protection that works, this is us.

The creators behind NZ's favourite sustainable suncere brand


Hi! I'm Steph and this is my family... Luke my partner , Evie, and Jax. Luke and I started Sol after wanting to naturally protect our faces when we travelled the coast of Central America chasing waves 5 years ago. What started as a small idea has created a fire inside me to be better, do better and produce a sun care range that is safe, effective, and doesn’t come at the cost of our environment. We have created low waste plastic-free packaging with a closed-loop program and ALWAYS are on the hunt for better ways to improve the sustainability of what we choose to use.

I have worked incredibly hard to create Sol often working late at night when the kids go to bed, and waking up early to get done what I need to before the day as a Mum begins (I’m sure so many of you can relate.) why? Because I love being creative, I love being in the ocean, and I genuinely want to provide a honest brand that our customers can trust.

I still smile, so grateful when I paddle out to a line up to discover complete strangers with my zinc plastered all over their faces! or when I see someone suiting up in the carpark reaching for their pot of Sol... so if you see some who won’t stop smiling at you while slapping on your protection.... it’s more than likely me..Ha. 

As a family, we are forever seeking out the adventure from surfing to wind foiling, paddle boarding, skating, free diving and spearfishing to name a few. We are a firm believer in eating what you catch and spearfishing enables you to selectively eat sustainable.

Sol has been tried and tested by avid surfers and outdoor enthusiasts. On all kinds of water sports as well as land activities and snow, in many different countries and climates, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, and Mexico to name a few! The feedback we have received has been amazing, and solidified our mission that you can use a 100% Natural sun protection that works.