Rachel from Surfy Birdy Art

Meet The Artist - Rachel From Surfy Birdy Art

Rachel from Surfy Birdy Art


By now you would have seen our amazing new throws. 100% Recycled Cotton made from Pre Consumer Waste, Our multi use rugs are stylish, sustainable and SO SO COOL!! 

For our Rainbow Waves Throw, we are lucky enough to have collaborated with Rachel from Surfy Birdy Art and we thought it would be fun to bring her onto the blog for a chat.

And so, meet Rachel!

Tell us a bit about yourself? How long have you been living the life of a creative Artist?

Hi my name is Rachel and my art is Surfy Birdy Art. I've been a creative artist since I was a kid I guess and that just never left. I have always enjoyed drawing since I was little and got into painting as well.

My work is all done by hand either pen to paper or painting acrylics usually on wood. I started out painting live at a music festival about 10 years ago. From there I did a few more music festivals but as I got more and more into single-fin surfing, mainly longboarding, I began finding local markets that would be along the way of me chasing waves and exploring new places.

My art is really inspired by a mixture of the past retro 70s feel as well as the present, with things I find along my travels. Some of my work I did while living in NZ, and that was one of my favorite times. I spent about 6 months in NZ and drew and painted a bunch. I did a few markets toward the end of my time there and sold the art I created while being inspired on my travels. It was a really special place, so collaborating with you on this some years after my time in NZ really makes me smile.

I've spent time wandering and creating art from FL (where I am from), Hawaii, Costa Rica, NZ, Puerto Rico, the UK, France, and Eleuthera, and still dreaming of places I haven't been yet. I live simply wherever I go and create art along the way.

Surfy Birdy Art - Tell us more. When did you start your brand and how did you find your unique retro art style?

Surfy Birdy Art came from my love for the sea and feeling free as a bird. I have always loved drawing and have been greatly inspired by the retro 70s and things my mom had with retro florals like bits of her old clothes patched together as quilts made by my great grandmother, vintage floral suitcases she passed down to me, old surf mags, messages of peace and love, these things all inspire me greatly.

I like to think warm thoughts and spread positivity in my art, and with the colors I feel I give that certain feeling, hoping to bring smiles to those who see my art.

How do you spend your day? Or what does an ordinary day look like for you?

Days vary greatly in a year, but right now in this stage of my year, it's one of my favorites. I will be living in Costa Rica for about 4 months and spend my days living simply. No car, just walking, and being present and surrounded by nature. I surf and practice yoga and work on my artwork here. Eat lots of veggies and enjoy time living with my boyfriend. I am greatly inspired when I am here and have been coming for many years.

What's next for Surfy Birdy Art? Do you have some cool work in the pipeline you're able to share?

I am always learning and hoping to grow as an artist. I really enjoy collaborating with different brands and bringing different visions to life. As I am a wanderer it is hard for me to have a 'shop' on my own but making these relationships and creating with other brands has been really special to me and I am looking forward to what comes next. I am always working on something and never exactly know when it will appear but it keeps things fun, you will have to follow along and see. 

What's one piece of advice you would give an aspiring artist wanting to follow their passion and start their own small business or passion project?

Dive deep into what it is that sets your soul on fire and really feel what it is you want to put out into the world. Generate something that is unique and you. Take time and enjoy it.  To be a creator is a special thing and the world is blessed. 


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