How To Safely Treat Sunburn

How To Safely Treat Sunburn

Before you think we're going to say "don't ever get sunburnt", don't worry, we get it. Sometimes we spend a little too long in the sun too and forget to reapply when we should, so we really do understand you can get caught out sometimes! Sunburn can be so painful, 
But, we're all about caring for your skin with your suncare, and so if you do end up with a case of sunburn, here are some helpful tips to soothe and repair that painful dose of regret and help to prevent blistering and peeling.
1. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated - sunburn pulls fluid up to the surface of the skin and away from the rest of your body. Drinking extra water helps to keep your hydration up. 
2. Wear loose breathable clothing - there's nothing worse than clingy, heavy or scratchy clothes on burning hot skin! 
3. Take a cold to lukewarm shower. Not icy cold, and not too warm either. You don't want to shock your skin. Pat yourself dry VERY GENTLY!
4. REHYDRATE! We have carefully formulated our Re-hydrate to aid recovery from burns as quickly as possible and help cool your skin faster.

Packed with the highest quality of New Zealand Marine and Land Botanicals. Infact 4 of our key ingredients - New Zealand Red Seaweed Extract, Mamaku (New Zealand Black Fern), UMF25+ Manuka Honey, Kawakawa (New Zealand Native Tree) are sourced from New Zealand - the heart of the South Pacific Potent and Biodiverse Ecosystem. Traditionally harvested, genetically unchanged.

The patent technology extraction method is FREE of chemicals and provides unrivalled levels of bioactive compounds, synergistically creating a powerhouse potent blend. 

Our Re-Hydrate is not only designed for sunburn, it can naturally aid relief to any burn you may incur, so if you accidentally touch the hot oven after running your burn under cold water apply our Re-Hydrate to the affected area for cooling relief and repair.

Keep it in the fridge for an extra cooling feel.


Finally, our Re-Hydrate is designed to be used as a EVERYDAY moisturiser too, providing ultimate hydration to your skin. 


"The Re-Hydrate is amazing!  I missed a spot with my sunscreen recently and ended up with a badly burnt back. The first coat of Re-Hydrate and it quickly felt so much cooler, and healed so much quicker than sunburn usually does for me" - Nikki


"The After Sun is amazing. It reduces redness and pain and also lovely and natural." - Kate


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